October 24, 2021

What is a FUE Transplant?

Minimally invasive, the FUE hair transplant is a relatively minor procedure designed to give you results with a better healing process. No part of the scalp, other then individual hair follicles, is removed. Using a 1mm tool and forceps, the follicles are carefully removed from the donor area and implanted into the recipient site. There is little bleeding and this can be done with a local anesthetic while you are awake.

Why use a FUE Transplant?

The old system of hair transplantation was Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also called “strip harvest method”. In this method, a strip of scalp is removed by way of a very long incision across the back of the head, one that required stitches for closure. The hair follicles then had to be carved from the removed section of scalp to create smaller, transplantable units. This invasive method required significant recovery time, and after the procedure, the donor area had a long, permanent scar.

What Makes NeoGenesis Hair Restoration Better?

The NeoGraft System is a device for treating mens and womens hair loss that allows the physician to automatically extract, sort, and transplant the hair follicles from the donor area to recipient site. The same theory behind the FUE method is used, only this time the NeoGraft System handles every aspect of the procedure, resulting in a faster, more efficient procedure with less recovery time.

With Neograft, there is no strip cut out of the scalp. Only the individual hair follicles are removed. Those follicles make the best hair implants. Stitches are not required and there is no long scar across the back of the head, resulting in a faster recovery. The entire NeoGraft process has been automated, creating a minimally invasive procedure that leaves virtually no scars and results in minimal downtime. Due to the process being automated, the procedure takes less time than either the strip harvest method or the manual FUE method.

What can be expected with NeoGenesis Hair Restoration?

Since the hair in the back of the head is genetically programmed not to fall out, it makes for the prefect donor hair, which is perfect for treating male and female hair loss. The NeoGraft system harvests hair from the back of the head and implants it on the balding areas at the top of the head. The NeoGraft machine is programmed to perform this procedure that helps hair loss restoration quickly and efficiently.

Only a local anesthetic is needed, and there is no long scar that occurs from the procedure, allowing the hair to be worn short even years afterwards. The NeoGraft machine is extremely precise and quick. Since no part of the scalp is removed, there is no chance of post procedure tightness from suturing, or numbness associated with scalp removal.

Most importantly, the NeoGraft machine does the procedure in its entirety, so it is not as dependant on the skill of the physician as with manual FUE Hair Transplants. Finally, the angle of the tools used by the NeoGraft machine ensure that the follicles removed are of the highest quality possible, remaining robust and moist up to the moment of implantation.

This is why patients who want to experience the newest treatment for hair loss, with minimal down time, should consider the NeoGraft Hair Transplant in Miami.

Why suffer another day with something you can easily change. This new procedure offers virtually no discomfort or downtime. It’s affordable, and it can change your life.

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