November 27, 2021

Hair Restoration Cost

Hair transplantation really is the only real cure for hair loss. But how does the cost of hair restoration compare to the continued use of hair growth products?

One consideration is that hair restoration is a permanent one-time solution as compared to the never-ending expense for creams and medications. However for some people, the cost is secondary to the fact that hair transplant truly makes the problem go away. Imagine how wonderful it will be to regain your self confidence and feel as though you look your best in each and every social situation! Picture yourself totally at ease in public and never feeling embarrassed about your appearance again! Envision yourself finally taking control over your life! All things considered, hair restoration cost is truly money well spent.

FUE: The Natural Hair Loss Treatment

The revolutionary FUE method of hair replacement performed with the NeoGraft Automated System offers so many benefits over the outdated FUT method of hair transplant. Instead of making a large incision in the patient’s scalp, the FUE method leaves behind only 1 mm wounds—the size of the hair plugs that are removed and implanted in the balding area of the scalp. Instead of a long recovery time and running the risk of infection in the incision area, the FUE method ensures that the patient will heal completely in only a matter of days without the risk of infection. The outdated method required the same type of anesthetic used for major surgeries, while the FUE method can be done with only a local anesthetic while the patient is awake! Best, of all, this natural hair loss treatment results in a thick, full head of hair in an unbelievably short amount of time.

What About the Cost of Hair Transplant?

The FUE method and the NeoGraft Automated System really have brought so many advantages to people suffering from hair loss all over the world. It has proven time after time to be the very best of all hair loss solutions. But the technology doesn’t come free. And, in fact, the FUE process done with the NeoGraft system is more expensive that the older hair transplant procedures. But while the FUE system may cost more than the FUT procedure, FUT costs MUCH more in recovery time. You may pay a bit more for the FUE procedure, but the short recovery time will be well worth it! Call our office today to discuss costs and payment options.