November 27, 2021

Hair Weaving, Wigs and Toupees

When you’re losing your hair, it’s only natural to want to find a solution to the problem. For some people, this means turning to hair additions, including hair weaves, hair extensions,wigs and toupees to hide the problem. While some of these additions may temporarily hide the problem, none of them are permanent solutions and, in fact, two of these choices will actually make your hair loss even worse.

An Unnatural Way to “Grow” Hair: Hair Weaving and Hair Extensions

For people who are unable to grow hair, it may be tempting to consider hair weaving or hair extensions to give the appearance of thicker hair. Hair weaving and extensions typically involve weaving either human hair or “hair” made of synthetic fiber onto your existing hair. The problem with this option is that weaves and extensions often put prolonged tension on the existing hair, which ultimately increases hair loss. Ironically enough, people who are searching for a solution to the problem can actually make it much worse by choosing this option.

Thicker Hair in an Instant: Wigs and Toupees

Wearing a wig or a toupee may provide some temporary relief from the embarrassment of losing your hair. But all too often it’s very obvious to other people that you’re wearing a hair piece. Even expensive wigs and toupees don’t look real. Even if you do choose to try a hair piece, there are many situations where it’s not possible to wear a wig or toupee, and because you can’t wear the hair piece all the time, it becomes even more obvious to other people that you wear one from time to time. This has the potential for creating even more embarrassment than hair loss itself.

The Real Solution

Rather than choosing a temporary fix, select the one and only real solution to hair loss—a hair transplant. At NeoGenesis Hair Institute, our board-certified physicians use the revolutionary FUE method with the NeoGraft Automated System to give you a thick, full head of hair—your OWN hair! Why settle for wigs or extensions when we can help you solve the problem once and for all? Call us today for a free estimate.