November 27, 2021

Low-Level Light Therapy For Hair Loss

If you’re losing your hair, chances are that you’ve looked into countless different hair treatments that hold the promise of restoring your hair. In Miami, low-level light therapy for hair loss is a popular alternative at the NeoGenesis Hair Institute.

When both green and red lights are applied to the scalp, it can actually revitalize scalp tissue. This occurs because the amount of oxygen in this scalp is increased due to the application of light, and that increased oxygen encourages cell and hair growth.

Hair Loss and Oxygen Deficiency

Oxygen deficiency goes hand in hand with hair loss. In fact, studies show that people who are experiencing hair loss are also experiencing a decreased amount of oxygen in the scalp. This result is a reduction in hair growth. Many experts believe that the combination of oxygen deficiency, age and genetics are the leading causes for hair loss and balding.

Another contributing factor to loss of hair is the presence of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. DHT also acts to reduce the amount of oxygen in the scalp. Hair restoration depends on our ability to decrease the amount of DHT in the scalp and increase the amount of oxygen. Low-level light therapy helps to accomplish this.

How Red Light Works to Stimulate Hair Growth

Studies show that red light generated from LEDs and lasers has stimulated some hair regrowth in patients. The reason is that red light encourages the production of ATP, a coenzyme that works as an energy carrier in cells. When oxygen deficiency exists in the scalp, cells produce nitric oxide, which slows ATP production.

The application of red light helps to reduce the amount of nitric oxide present and increase the amount of oxygen. When the oxygen replaces the nitric oxide, it opens the door for production of ATP. But fresh oxygen is also needed, and it’s here that green light plays a crucial role.

How Green Light Works to Restore Hair

A great deal of oxygen is carried in a person’s blood. Studies show that green light generated from LEDs and lasers helps to tap into that oxygen reservoir. In essence, green light helps to utilize the oxygen carried by the blood in the papillary dermis, or the layer of skin very close to the outer layer.

How Red Light and Green Light Work Together

When a green light utilizes the oxygen in the papillary dermis, and the red light removes nitric oxide and increases ATP production, the results are often increased hair growth in people who are losing their hair. Although this is often an effective hair treatment, it does have two drawbacks—it takes a long time to actually see the results, and you must repeat the low-level light treatments numerous times over a period of many weeks.

The Most Effective—And Fastest—Hair Treatment

Low-level light therapy works best to slow or prevent future hair loss.  To deal with a severe existing case of hair loss there is really only one definitive answer, and that is hair transplant. And the hair transplant method that is least invasive and provides patients with the fastest recovery is the FUE method used in conjunction with the NeoGraft Automated System. Unlike other methods, you’ll see fast results with a FUE hair transplant, and that result will be a full, thick, healthy head of hair! If hair transplant cost has stopped you before, you’ll be surprised at how affordable the FUE method is. Call us today at the NeoGenesis Hair Institute for a free estimate.