November 27, 2021

Male Pattern Baldness

If you are one of the many Miami-area men suffering from baldness or hair thinning, you are most likely suffering from androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.

This condition affects approximately 95% of the men who are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can take a devastating toll on your self-esteem. Losing hair can create a lack of confidence in social situations, and produce lasting negative psychological side effects.

It may not give you peace of mind, but you should know that you’re definitely not alone—approximately 80% of men under the age of 70 suffer from some form of hair loss. There are several reasons for hair falling out, and one or more of these could be the reason behind your balding condition.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Genetics: Male pattern baldness is most often linked to genetics. If baldness or thinning hair runs in your family, it greatly increases your chances of losing hair at some point in your life. While there are other reasons, many of which we’ll discuss here, androgenic alopecia leads the list of hair loss causes.
  • Prostaglandin D2 protein: Recent studies have indicated that an abnormal amount of the prostaglandin D2 protein in the scalp increases your chances of losing hair. This protein acts to block hair growth.
  • Excessive pulling: Also referred to as traction alopecia, this condition effects people who consistently wear their hair in a manner that involves excessive pulling of the hair, such as cornrows or ponytails.
  • Medications: Several medicines can cause hair loss, including those taken for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Traumatic events: Experiences that are traumatic to the body can provoke hair loss. These might include events such as major surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or poisoning of some kind.
  • Stress: Extremely stressful or frightening situations can cause hair loss.
  • Poor nutrition: A poor diet and/or certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies can bring about hair loss. This is particularly true when the deficiencies involve protein, biotin and zinc.
  • Thyroid conditions: Either an underactive or overactive thyroid can create hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment for Miami Men

Fortunately, baldness and hair thinning doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology involved in the FUE hair transplant method, your hair loss can be completely and permanently reversed!

The board-certified physicians at NeoGenesis Hair Institute utilize the NeoGraft Automated System, which enables our surgeons to automatically sort, extract and implant small grafts of hair from a donor site on the scalp to a recipient site. The procedure is minimally invasive, surprisingly affordable, can be performed under a local anesthetic and leaves only tiny 1 mm wounds that heal entirely within 7 to 10 days! Best of all, the result is a thick, full, healthy head of hair!

Don’t let male pattern baldness devastate your life. Regain your self-confidence. Start to feel comfortable once again in social situations. Say goodbye to the lack of self-esteem and other negative psychological side effects that so often come with hair loss. Let our trained surgeons help you turn your life around for the better! Call us today for a free estimate.