November 27, 2021

Privacy Policy

This page outlines the Privacy Policy for the NeoGenesis Hair Institute website. The privacy of our patients and others that visit our site is of the utmost importance to us and so is the safety of their information. If we should choose to change this policy in the future, we will post those changes on this page as quickly as possible.

Periodically, we may choose to collect information using the tracking functions derived primarily by total page views in this website. The information we collect will be used to give us an idea of the demographics of our audience, as well as to revise the content to be more suitable to our readers. To enable us to continue to revise and improve the site, we will track the traffic that uses our site and the sources of that traffic. If you use keywords to search for our site, we may track those keywords. This tracking enables us to continue to revise the site to improve its usefulness for our patients and other visitors.

Any information that is provided to us voluntarily on this site may be used to further enhance the site for the users. This may include building interactive and personalized portions of the site, revising the content of the site to better suit the demographics of our users, or ensuring that information on the site is secure. In addition, we may on occasion send electronic newsletters to site visitors who volunteer to receive them. This may be done through email when we believe our users might be interested in a specific topic or event. When we choose to send these newsletters via email, we may elect to use a third party to handle the distribution.

We may decide to utilize the information discussed here in this policy to customize the content of the site so it is more useful for our visitors and also to increase our understanding of our user demographics. From time to time, the security of the information on our site, as well as our privacy policy, will be reviewed and revised as needed. Information that is provided to us by those that are using this site will only be available to authorized persons that hold security access. You may, at any time, choose to “opt out” from receiving information from this site. You will also be able to use this site without ever providing any personal information whatsoever.